Neatly prepared benches on the pier attached to the Randulff's Seahouse.
Randulff's Seahouse offers a different yet exciting atmosphere.
A meal with a view on sunny days.
The house was built in 1890 and housed the establishment of a herring fishery. The seahouse atmosphere has since been well preserved.

Randulff's Seahouse

Genuine seahouse with East Icelandic cuisine

The restaurant Randulff's Seahouse offers local delicacies like shark-meet and dried fish, both of which is produced in Eskifjörður and widely acknowledged as being among the very best in Iceland, pickled herring and reindeer along with fresh fish from the fjord.

The Restaurant is open every day all summer for lunch and dinner. For winter it is open for pre-booked groups and special events. The restaurant rooms about 80 guests. Local musicians can also be provided on request.

Randulff's Seahouse is a beautifully preserved shore-building towards the eastern end of Eskifjörður, which today preserves both many artefacts and a lingering atmosphere from the days when the establishment of a herring fishery led to the first real growth of the fjord towns of East Iceland in the late 19th and early 20th century.

In good weather guests can sit on the pier attached to the seahouse from where they can enjoy the amazing view over the Eskifjörður fjord. During the summer the restaurant offers boat rental from the seahouse - and if the chef is in a good mood you can ask him or her to prepare the catch of the day for you. 

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Address Strandgata 96
Location 735 Eskifjörður
Tel +354 477 1247
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