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Frú Anna

One of a kind

Frú Anna, or Mrs. Anna is a shop that specializes in beautiful tableware, giftware and various decorative products. The tableware from the Danish company Mynte is a special favorite of Mrs. Anna, both because of its quality and beautiful design, as well as the endless possibilities of mixing and matching with the tableware's different colors.

Other fun gift ware that you can buy in Mrs. Anna's shop are for example scented candles, beautiful lamps and fun signs, not to mention her own unique handiwork of beautifully sewn pillows, aprons, dish towels and reusable shopping bags.

The shop is located in the building Hruni, a fun concrete building by Búðavegur road in Fáskrúðsfjörður. If the Mrs. is not behind the counter you can always call +354 894 7979 and make arangement to meet her in this unique shop.

Contact Info

Address Búðavegur 49
Location 750 Fáskrúðsfjörður
Tel +354 894 7979
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