Norðfjörður Swimming Pool.
Splendid ocean view is from the swimming pool.
The facilities at Norðfjörður Swimming Pool are supreme.
The young generation is especially happy with the swimming pool.

Stefánslaug Swimming Pool

Enjoy the picturesque mountain view

Stefánslaug Swimming Pool is an outstanding outdoor swimming pool with hot tubs, sauna and two water slides.

Located in the hills of Neskaupstaður, the view from the pool over the Norðfjörður fjord is splendid and the building itself gives great shelter for those who like to lay in the sun. 

The Stefánslaug Swimming Pool was first opened in 1943 and is therefore on an old foundation. In the years 2001 to 2006 the swimming pool was rebuilt practically from the ground up, first the pool itself and then the pool house.  

Shortly thereafter the two water slides were added to the facility, much to the enjoyment of the younger guests.

- Here you can see the opening hours for Fjarðabyggð's swimming pools.

Contact Info

Address Miðstræti 15
Location 740 Neskaupstaður
Tel +354 477 1243