Þórsmörk is a spectacular old building that the art society has worked for having renovated.
Work from the workshop of Listasmiðja Norðfjarðar
Work in the making in the workshop.
Last touches being made on an artwork.

Listasmiðja Norðfjarðar

The unrestrained creativity of Norðfjörður Art Center

Norðfjörður's Art Centre is an amateur company of art and culture, which for the last 22 years has been housed in Þórsmörk, an old distinguished house that was originally imported from Norway. The house stands by Þiljuvellir road in Neskaupstaður and is close to 100 years old.

During summer guests are always welcome to stop by while art exhibitions and workshops are taking place.

For the last couple of years Norðfjörður's Art Centre has, with very generous financial contribution from both SÚN, a cooperative society of ship-owners in Neskaupstaður, and the Architectural Heritage Fund managed to work on restoring the house to its former splendor. It has been a work in progress for some time but not without results as the house has become spectacular on the outside.

Over the winter the operation in Þórsmörk becomes manifold. To begin with the facility was mostly for amateur painters but now there is great facilities for silver making and wood carving to name a few, in addition to it being used as a teaching grounds for school children and teenagers, usually in the form of art seminars. Norðfjörður's Art Centre also holds seminars for the public and to make that possible they work in collaboration with the East Iceland Cultural Council and Fjarðabyggð.

The art centre plans on expanding the centre's activity in the future and even offering facilities for guests artist, although mainly painters, to come and work in Þórsmörk. There is, however, still plenty of work to be done on the infrastructure of the building to make that dream a possibility.

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