Streched along the north coast of Stöðvafjörður fjord, this village is the most southerly settlement in Fjarðabyggð. The mountain panorama seen straight out of the village is magnificent, and numerous stunning natural features can be reached by driving or hiking. Saxa, just north of the mouth of the fjord, is a unique sea geysir, made of a shoreline opening in the cliffs. Nearer the other other end of the fjord, you might try some of the hiking routes around Jafnadalur valley. One of Iceland's most beautiful natural rock arches is there, as well as the group of three huge rock called Einbúi or the Hermit.

While there had always been farms around the fjord, a village began to form in 1896, when Carl Guðmundsson was licensed to trade at that location. Farmers who organized seasonal fishing had in fact long been stationed there, due to the rich fishing grounds just outside the mouth of the fjord. Though employment in the fishing industry has been decreasing, Stöðvarfjörður harbour is still an important part of life in the village and you might even run into some of the local fishermen.

One of the main industries here are tourism, partly evidenced by how the old village church has served as a cosy guesthouse ever since the community bult its new church in 1991. The fish freezing plant has also been gained a renewed role with the HERE creative center buil-up, giving this fjord a progressive name in the creative arts. The village is however best known for its wondrous variety of beautiful local rocks, including a number of rare specimens, which can be seen an the otustanding Petra's Mineral Collection. The population of Stöðvarfjörður is about 200.

For those who want to get to know the towns and villages in Fjarðabyggð better og East Iceland, there's a Tourist Information Center at Brekkan, the local store and service center. The Vistor Center of Fjarðabyggð is also nearby, sharing a roomy housing with Salthússmarkaðurinn, the local arts and craft community, and opening hours. In either case, you'll get the assistance you need for making a perfect travel plan for your visit.

What to do

What to do