Sólstafir in Eistnaflug (photo by Tina Solda).
Brain Police in Eistnaflug (photo by Tina Solda).
Dimma in Eistnaflug (photo by Tina Solda).

Eistnaflug Music Festival

Genuine Icelandic rock and heavy-metal in Neskaupstaður

The Eistnaflug Rock and Heavy-Metal Festival, organised by the company Millifótakonfekt, stays in full swing through all of the second weekend of July.

Eistnaflug has over the years gained a reputation for being a peaceful and friendly festival and in its eleventh year it has become one of the biggest music festivals in Iceland with festival guests coming from all over the world as well as journalists who are covering the festival.

For its first nine years the festival was held in Neskaupstaður's community centre, however, with its growing popularity its organizers saw no other options than to relocate to another venue, and in 2015 the festival was held for the first time at the Neskaupstaður gymnasium.

Please note that this exciting event is intended only for those aged 18 and older.

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Address Íþróttamiðstöð Norðfjarðar
Location Neskaupstaður
Email eistnaflug@eistnaflug.is
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