An ambitious children's program is what Neistaflug Festival aims for each year.
People decorate their houses based on the color af their neighborhood. This creates a friendly competition and great atmosphere in the town during the weekend.

Neistaflug Festival

Fantastic family fun

This Neskaupstaður town festival is held annually on the holiday weekend (verslunarmannahelgin) which includes the first Monday in August. The wide array of events actually start on the Thursday, and provide lots of fun for people of all ages and for every member of the family.

Throughout the last couple of years the weekend has started with a Thursday concert with some of Iceland's most popular bands. The festival however officially starts on Friday night with a parade starting from a designated spot from each neighbourhood that have been divided into colors. People decorate their house in that color and finally themselves before setting of for the parade.

The festivities continue throughout the weekend with market fairs, children's plays, a beach party for the younger generation and dances to name a few, ending with a bon fire and a sing-a-long in front of the Neskaupstaður elementary school  and finally a firework display on Sunday night. 

Check out the latest information at the festival website.