The smithy is an exact replica of the smithy where Jósafat learned the trade from his father.
Tools and technique of earlier times.
Pulleys of all shapes and sizes.

Jósafat Hinriksson's Seafaring and Smithy Collection

In the Museum House in Neskaupstaður

The Seafaring and Smithy Collection was founded by the mechanic and entrepeneur Jósafat Hinriksson, whose family was from Neskaupstaður. This collection consists of interesting objects linked to fishing, boat building and blacksmithing, as well as to uniquely Icelandic working practices of earlier times, and includes for example a replication of the smithy where Jósafat Hinriksson learned the trade from his father and continued to work early in his career.

The museum serves as an interesting documentation on the building techniques of earlier times and was located in Reykjavík until the year 2000 when Jósafat's relatives delivered the museum to Fjarðabyggð for conservation in Neskaupstaður.

The museum is one of three museums in Neskaupstaður's Museum House and is located on the second floor.

The Museum House is open monday to saturday from 13:00 - 17:00 (June to end of August or by agreement).

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Address Egilsbraut 2
Location 740 Neskaupstaður
Tel +354 470 9000