A beautiful statue of Petra with her bag of rocks decorates the museum.
The wonders of the stones and minerals surrounding Stöðvarfjörður and the East of Iceland.
Petra's Stone and Mineral Collection is one of the largest of its kind in the world.
At the museum you will find all sorts of stones and mineral, common as well as rare ones.

Petra's Stone and Mineral Collection

One of the largest mineral collection of its kind in the world

This immense, intriguing mineral collection was founded by Petra Sveinsdóttir, who began looking for interesting rocks in the mountains around Stöðvarfjörður while still a child, and continued adding to her collection up into old age. Her home premises, including the garden, gradually became filled with rocks and minerals, just leaving room for a souvenir shop.

Petra's Stone and Mineral Collection has long been one of the favourite destinations of those travelling through East Iceland and welcomes about 40 to 50 thousand visitors each year.

This museum reflects the unique geographial position of East Iceland as the oldest part of Iceland. 

The museum is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm in the summer from 1.june - 30.september. 

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