Sjóminjasafnið er staðsett í Gömlu búð einu elsta húsi á Austurlandi
The model of the Viking ship is a good example of the museums' diversity.
An old candy factory is preserved in the museum.
The East Icelandic Maritime Museum is located in an old general store, built in 1819 and called Old-shop.

The East Icelandic Maritime Museum

In Eskifjörður

Many articles related to fishing and the processing of marine products are displayed in this museum. In addition, you can see numerous articles from other industries, together with commercial items and the medical treatments of previous centuries. The building itself, erected as a general store in 1816, is admirably preserved.

The East Icelandic Maritime Museum is considered to be very well presented, diverse and educational. The museum is on two floors of the building. 

The museum is open daily from 13:00 - 17:00 (June to the end of August, or by agreement).

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Address Strandgata 39b
Location 735 Eskifjörður
Tel +354 470 9000
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