The Icelandic Wartime Museums stands by the top of Heiðarvegur road.
Military winter equipment.
A few military trucks have been preserved since the occupation years.
The museum gives insight in the daily life of the people.

The Icelandic Wartime Museum

Revisit the military occupation of the British Army in Reyðarfjörður

Guests of the Icelandic Wartime Museum go back about 70 years, to the 1940's, the high point of the World War II in this stunning museum which is one of its kind in Iceland. The museum's exhibitions give a full acount of days gone by, both from the perspective of the soldiers as well as the habitants of Reyðarfjörður village.

The museum is located by the barracks that were a part of a big hospital camp. Guests will walk by a model of the camp as well as the facilities of the soldiers. A number of original items from this time give the museum its unique position as a Wartime Museum in Iceland, an unusual time in the life of Icelanders. 

Here is your opportunity to step into a time machine and revisit the days of World War II. The museum gives insights into the life of that period, the constant threat the inhabitants faced, the effects of the military occupation on Icelanders as well as the fashion trends and the daily life of the people.

The Museum is open Monday to Sunday from 13:00 – 17:00 (from 1st of June to the august 30 th. or by agreement).

The museum is closed for the summer of 2023 due to maintenance work.

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Address Heiðarvegur 37
Location 730 Reyðarfjörður
Tel +354 470 9000
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