In this museum guests will for example come across a handsome collection of sea animals.
This family friendly museum makes it fun and easy to learn about the Icelandic fauna.
Icelandic fauna at close range.
The museum is well presented and organized.

The Museum of Natural History

Icelandic fauna at close range in the Neskaupstaður Museum House

The Museum of Natural History in Neskaupstaður holds a magnificent collection of the Icelandic fauna which includes a large collection of birds, both Icelandic and migratory, a handsome collection of fish, along with some rarer species, and some interesting creatures from the bottom of the sea. The wild Icelandic mammals, of course, have their own representatives, and guests will find collections of minerals, plants and insects as well.

The Museum of Natural History in Neskaupstaður was first established in 1965 by its founder, Bjarni Þórðarson, then mayor of Neskaupstaður. Hjörleifur Guttormsson, biologist, was the museum's first director and worked on its installation. The museum's first exhibition was opened in Neskaupstaður's High School in the summer of 1970 and because of its educational purposes has since been very popular among the younger generations growing up in Neskaupstaður.

The Museum of Natural History was relocated to the Neskaupstaður Museum House in 2005 in a newly renovated top floor exclusively dedicated to it. The installation is of top quality and is considered to be a great success. It is one of three museums in the Neskaupstaður Museum House and is on the third and top floor of the building.

The Museum House is open monday to saturday from 13:00 - 21:00 and on sundays from 13:00 - 17:00.
(June to end of August, or by agreement).

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