The bright yellow lighthouse in Dalatangi is still in use.
The older lighthouse was recently renovated by the Icelandic Lighthouse Authorities.
The raod on the north side of Mjóifjörður ends here, so simple is that. - but the view is truely spectacular.


At the end of the road

The road to Mjóifjörður is only gravel. In some places, it is also quite steep and requires slow, careful driving. Once you have reached the village, you can continue driving or cycling farther east, out to the lighthouse farm and guesthouse of Dalatangi.

This unique distination, on the utmost point of Mjóifjörður, is situated at the top of the cliffs by the very end of the road. This is as far east as you can get by car.

This is a journey to be remember by those who decide to take drive to the end of the road. The view is spectacular, overlooking the river mouths of Loðmundarfjörður and Seyðsifjörður, and the deep blue North Atlantic Ocean converging into the horizon as far as your eyes can see.

There are two lighthouses at Dalatangi. The older one, build in 1895, is made of basalt. The newer lighthouse was built in 1908 and is till in use.

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Address Fjarðabyggð
Location Mjóifjörður