Mountain Tracks in Gerpir Area

Taking the rough road

Crossing the Gerpir Area from North to South, the F959 mountain track goes from Teigará, on the North side of Eskifjörður fjord, all the way to Viðfjörður, a beautiful but isolated fjord. Mid way in the highlands there's a junction, where the F954 meets the F959, going east to Vöðlavík.

On the way to Vöðlavík is Karlsstaðir, a small hospice run by the Touring Club of the East Fjords, Ferðafélag Fjarðamanna.

Viðfjörður Fjord and Vöðlavík Bay are both remote recrational destination within the Gerpir great outdoor area, widely known for the untouched nature and infinite stillness.

Please note, that the mountain tracks F959 and F954, can be extremely rough, only fit for well equipped 4x4 vehicles and expert driving skills.

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Location Eskifjörður