Oddsskarð's ski resort

The Alps of the East Fjords welcome you

Sheltered by the mountains around the Oddsskarð pass and road tunnel, this area is one of Iceland's most exciting skiing destinations and is often referred to as the East Iceland Alps. The longest ski tow, beginning at an altitude of 513 m, brings the skier up to 840 m, from where there is a spectacular view over Reyðarfjörður. 

Oddsskarð has two tow lifts and a children's lift, as well as good facilities for snow boarders and a lodge with eating and drinking facilities. The bustling event known as Easter Snow and Fun (Páskafjör) is a great reason to go there at that time of year. 

The Oddsskarð Ski Resort is just a short distance from the Oddsskarð's tunnel which lie between Eskifjörður and Neskaupstaður. Going from Egillstaðir to Oddsskarð takes about an hour, it's a 30 minutes drive from Reyðarfjörður, just over 20 minutes from Neskaupstaður and only about 15 minutes from Eskifjörður.