Explore the wonderful East Fjords

Guided tours and excursions

The mountains, the fjords, the seaside - East Iceland is in so many ways different from the other regions of the country. Even the climate can be different, especially in the summer when the weather goes Mediterranean style, thanks to a warm breeze (foehn) blowing down from the central highland of Iceland. 

A central location in the midst of the East Fjords makes Fjarðabyggð into an ideal starting point for exploring the wonders of the region. Head out for tours into the wild, such as the desolate coves and bays of the Gerpir Area. This easternmost point of Iceland is for many simply the perfect place for energizing recreation and outdoor activities. 

The marvels of the seaside are magnified by majestic mountains, deep blue sea and lovable small towns in between. The area's main characteristics are genuine seaside communities with harbours and marinas in leading roles. Though small, these commuities are deeply rooted, each with its own interesting heritage that can be seen, felt and tasted in so many ways.

Tanni Travel in Eskifjörður specializes in organizing and planning guided tours around the East of Iceland, offering both exciting pre-planned tours and custom planned tours for groups. Skiing, horseback riding, boat sailing, outdoors, food and culture - the tours Tanni Travel has to offer combine all the best elements that the East Iceland has to offer.

Mjóeyri Travel Service in Eskifjörður specializes in snow mobile tours, hiking tours, skiing tours, and golf tours. Mjóeyri also offers guided reindeer, ptarmigan and sea bird hunting. At Mjóeyri, extreme sports such as ice climbing and diving are also given full acount in their diversified tour selection.