The rooms at Tærgesen have everything you need.
Tærgesen is in an old distinguished house from 1870 in its original style.
Tærgesen offers great selection of food and drink.


Located centrally in Reyðarfjörður in close vicinity with the harbour

Tærgesen is a guesthouse and restaurant in an old distinguished house from 1870 in its original style. Tærgesen is open from morning to evening all year round and there you'll find a great selection of food and drink; breakfast, course of the day at noon and night, pizzas, and of course, courses from the restaurants menu.

Tærgesen also offers venues for meetings, conferences and parties and can recieve up to 100 people for dinner and 80 people for meetings/conferences.

At Tærgesen there are 18 one to two persons rooms as well as 22 rooms with all modern conveniences in a newly built motel next to Tærgesen.


Contact Info

Address Búðargata 4
Location 730 Reyðarfjörður
Tel +354 470 5555
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