Port of Eskifjörður

General port information

Approximately 2 km in length, fjord Eskifjörður (Eskifjordur) is a calm arm of Reyðarfjörður (Reydarfjordur), East Iceland's longest fjord, which is about 30 km long and 7 km wide, as well as very deep. Eskifjörður's safe, clear channel, gives you a chance to observe the fantastic views of surrournding mountains and the Eskifjörður Town. 

The piers and other waterfront structures, along with colourfully painted houses in the background, show Norwegian influences, common for Icelandic seaside towns and villages. This heritages has been beutifully preserved in Eskifjörður, lending the town an immensely charming character.

Cruise ships reach berth just below the town center and beside an immaculate marina for small crafts. Tour buses have plenty of space by this berth for manoeuvring and picking up ship passengers.


Name of harbour Port of Eskifjordur
Name of pier  Hafskipabryggja
E-mail info@portofeskifjordur.is
Phone +354 476 1199
Fax +354 476 1597
Location 65°04'46''N - 14°01'42''W
Approach Through a deep clear fjord
Pilot Pilot availble
Pilotage  Compulsory for vessels over 100m in length
Pilot station  65°01'6N - 13°55'0W
Tugboat One tug with 27.8t bollard pull and equipped for firefighting with a capacity of 300m3/hr.
Local time GMT
Open 24/7
Scenic cruising Reydarfjordur 21 km; cruise duration 1.5 hrs.
Seasons Optimal visting time May-September
Minimum depth at low tide >25m (82ft)
Tidal difference 1.7m (5.5ft)
Current Outgoing current in Reyðarfjörður of 1.7-2.0 knots
Swell 0m (0ft)
Ice conditions Approach and port are ice free year-round
Air draught restrictions None
Restrictions on port entry None
Port charges Charges 2015
Nautical chart of port #715 Eskifjörður
Issued by Icelandic Hydrographic Office
Websithe for chart information www.lhg.is/english
ENC Graphical Catalogue http://www.ic-enc.org/coverage

Port Services

Bunkers Yes
Suplies No
Waste Handling By truck
Fresh Water Yes
Black (sewage) and grey (sink) water By truck
Bilge and sludge By truck
Cruise ship clearance Yes


Town center 500m
Outdoor swimming pool 900m
Public restrooms 700m
ATM 650m
Airport 49km
Reyðarfjörður       15km (09.3mi)
Norfjörður             23km (14.2mi)
Fáskúrðsfjörður   36km (22.3mi)
Stöðvarfjörður     59km (36.6mi)
Mjóifjörður            73km (44.7mi)



Taxis Yes
Excursion buses Yes
Shuttles Not needed
Rental cars Available
Pubic transportaton No

Ermergency service 113
Police 113
Fire 113
District hospital 113