Páskahellir cave

The Easter Cave

Páskahellir is a small cave by the seaside of Neskaupstaður Nature Resverve, with pillow lava and rock tunnels. You can also find holes that were probably formed by prehistoric trees. A forest taht used to grow here was most likely destroyed by lava around 12 million years ago. The cave itself was formed by erosion by the sea and at bottom.

Word has it that you can see the sun dance from Páskahellir on Easter morning. Páskahellir translates in English to Easter Cave and this old folklore can easily be seen as an explanation for the idiosyncratic name of the cave.

The walk from the entrance of the Nature Resvere to the site is about 10 to 15 min. Wodden stairs lead down from the walking path down to the cave, but please not that the climbing down can be tricky and has to be done with caution.

Contact Info

Address Fjarðabyggð
Location Neskaupstaður Nature Reserve