Vöðlavík Creek

The jewel in the crown of Gerpir Area

The sandy beach of Vöðlavík is one of the most reverated destinations of the Great Outdoors of Fjarðabyggð. Popular in the local hiking community and one of the best known points of the Gerpir area, this beautiful creek was once the home to a number of small farms.

This beautiful and totally uninhibited area is a paradise for hiking and other outdoor activitiesm with a number of fantastic hiking trails.

The Travel Club of the East Fjords keeps a nice guest lodge named Karlsstaðir south of Mt. Gerpir, not very far from the shore. A rough gravel road leads to Vöðlavík from outer Reyðarfjörður, which only fits 4x4 vehicles.


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Address Gerpir Area
Location The Great Outdoors