Sólbrekka Café

Icelandic waffles and cakes the traditional way

The small café at Sólbrekka serves sandwiches and Icelandic waffels, which can be enjoyed on a small porch in front of the house.

Sundays are special, with an Icelandic cake buffet. If you haven't yet had the chance to taste the traditional confection and sweetmeats, the cake buffet at Sólbrekka can be highly recommended.

Sólbrekka Café is open from July 1 to August 15.

How to find Sólbrekka?              
Sólbrekka in Mjóifjörður is by road no. 953
From Egilsstaðir: Leave Egilsstaðir on road no. 92, toward Reyðarfjörður village. After about 10 km you turn left into road no. 953. Stay on road no. 953 for about 35 km and you see Sólbrekka on your left.
From Reyðarfjörður: Leave Reyðarfjörður on road no 92, torward Egilsstaðir village. After about 25 km turn right on road no. 953.  Stay on road no. 953 for about 35 km and you will see Sólbrekka on your left.

Have a look at this video about Sólbrekka and the facilities they have to offer.

Contact Info

Address Sólbrekka
Location 715 Mjóifjörður
Email mjoi@simnet.is
Tel +354 894 9014
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