The apartments are equipped with everything you need as well as free Wi-Fi.
Sleeping arrangements for 4 in every apartment.
The apartments are in the heart of Eskifjörður with a view over the town and Hólmatindur mountain.

Hotel apartments in Eskifjörður

Well equipped apartments in the heart of Eskifjörður

Hotel apartments for rent all year round in the centre of Eskifjörður. The apartments have everything you need to enjoy a good vacation, good comfort and a great view over the town and the fjord.

Located centrally in Eskifjordur town, the apartment are right by the marina and close to various attractions.

Here can you, your family and friends enjoy life in a beautiful place. Hotel Apartments provide you with comfort, security, well being and warm memories.

Free Wi-Fi, free parking and a wonderful view over the mountains and the fjord. Eskifjörður swimming pool is close by as well as Oddsskarð ski resort.

Contact Info

Address Strandgata 26
Location 735 Eskifjörður
Tel +354 892 8657
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