Travelling by sea

The passenger and car ferry Norröna arrives once a week in Seyðisfjörður, en route from Denmark and the Faroe Islands. When traveling from North Europe to Iceland, M/S Norröna could be a suitable form for transportation, allowing you to bring your car with you. Norröna carries a total of mas. 1,482 passengers and 800 cars.

Seyðisfjörður, a neighbouring municipality to Fjarðabyggð, is within a comfortable 60 km driving distance. Just follow the Reyðarfjörður-sign on the 92 national route.

In Fjarðabyggð, Anný, a small passenger ferry connects Mjóifjörður and Neskaupstaður (Norðfjörður) during winter. Sheduled tours are twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, from the pier in the city center of Neskaupstaður, from October 1 to May 31. The ferry leaves at 10:00 AM from Mjoifjordur and 12:30 from Neskaupstadur. For further information please contact the ferry operator in +354 853 3004/616 2630. Please note that the ferry is small and transports passangers only (no cars).

The road to Mjóifjörður, route 953, is a gravel road usually only open from mid May thru August, depending on snow depth, which makes the ferry the only means of transportation from September to May. Please note that the ferry does not transport any cars.